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Apartment Block

This project was designed by Ivan Jordan while during employment at Barrie Simons Associates. The site has been occupied for decades by a car showroom. The existing building offers a poor elevation to the street. It does not relate to its neighbours in design or scale, and is too weak a form to stand alone with any significance.

The proposal was designed to complete the notional missing corner of the urban block.

Gardens were designed, bigger than the frontages of the Victorian terrace, to improve the street scene and create a buffer zone between dwellings and pavement. Planting will help maintain the privacy of the gardens, without enclosing them oppressively.

Amenity space for the upper floors is provided at 10m2 per dwelling by means of balconies. The quality and size of these spaces has been carefully considered to try to ensure they are usable at all times of year.

The proposed elevations are detailed to contribute to the spaces around them; the dynamic façade has a dialogue with the street below. The balconies to the front elevation are composed of galvanised steel structure, with sliding timber shutters. These will form effective sun shading to the balconies, but also act to filter the private and public spaces.

The projecting bay windows increase views and connections to the street for those living on the first and second floors, and give depth and articulation to the sidewalls.

Planning permission was won for this scheme in 2008.

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