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A New Interior for an Old House, with a Spectacular Loft Conversion

This loft conversion takes full advantage of the opportunity to use the full height of a terrace house, building a new stair up the centre of the home, creating a double height space where one would least expect it. The house was transformed inside, with a lofty new office, bathroom and room in the roof with beautiful views.

Planning permission was achieved with the support of local councillors, and against the recommendation of the conservation officer.

A key reason of success at planning, and in execution, is  a sensitive approach to materials. In this case, a "brick slip" system cladding was used on the roof dormer. What looks like slate-coloured brick is in fact tiles, glued (using a proprietary method) to the timber structure beneath. The colour match with the roof slates helps to blend the intervention with the roofs it sits in, and the finished surface extends the rear wall of the house, vertically. As well as an aesthetic success, the construction itself is light, warm, and timber, not the heavyweight, brick build it looks like. This means standard structure and techniques could be used in the build, albeit finished beautifully.

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