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3 Staircases and Crisp Details

What staircase should be designed? The right one. And yet somehow this never happens first time. I guess I love designing, and I'm happy to put another one on the shelf when it doesn't get built. So we have been through a few iterations for this job, here is one:

An orthogonal drawing of a stair - dimensioned for construction

3D visuals of a stair - note the risers are replaced by bicycle spokes - open risers would not be permissible, but this design allows light to penetrate and would create intricate shading effects

In the event, this particular stair will not be commissioned for this job, but the staircase is a complete entity, and the ideas that are developed in its design will live another day.

Meanwhile, internal spaces are taking shape beautifully, including the stair well itself:

The stairwell connecting first floor to top storey. The new rooflight throws natural light down in the centre of the house very effectively.

The top storey has plaster and paint on the walls, and the new office is turning out so well, it is at risk of being co-opted in to a bedroom.

This will be a wonderful office - or perhaps a bedroom??

The kitchen / dining / lounge area, divided by level changes, curved walls and other devices is tantalising: enclosure and construction is nearly complete, and we just want to see those finishes!

Structural columns, sunken lounge, curved walls, huge glazed areas, this house has it all!

External detailing is crisp and considered - check the sloping brick cill - hand cut on site. Velfac windows are beautifully simple, as are the thin overhanging eaves.

And so we soldier on. Sometimes it feels like it is taking forever, (it's not) but like all good things, it will be well worth waiting for..

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