The places we live probably mean the most to us, and deserve great architecture as much if not more than all of the buildings we experience. Step inside and explore a selection of unique, bespoke, architecturally expressive house and extensions from our portfolio.


Owning and maintaining a listed building is a responsibility, but it should not be a barrier to making a home or workplace a better place to live or work. Here you can see some of the listed buildings that we have successfully refurbished, extended and altered, with listed building consent and planning permission, granted for real architecture. 


What buildings should house schools and colleges - dull, oppressive, cold and, cramped ones? Probably not. What about doctor's surgeries, clinics and hospitals? Dark and unhealthy? We think they should be the opposite - inspirational, awash with natural light and colour, thermally excellent and inherently healthy, as you can see here 


If you, spend a significant proportion of your time working, you deserve a good environment to do so in. Involve an Architect in the design and construction of your office, studio, workshop, factory, or wherever it is you turn a buck, and expect productivity to be be higher, staff to be happier, and the working world to be a better place! 


We are the fabric of our communities, and the good that comes from interweaving our time, resources, and connections is maximised by great spaces and places to share. Architecture is about connection, material spatial and qualitative, but it affects human relationships and experience profoundly, and has one its strongest roles in the community 


Architecture may be real when bricks and mortar, steel and bolt, timber and peg combine with meaning, but it's very important and influential before any of that happens. In fact, one of the most important aspects fo architecture is that it exists conceptually long before it is built, and should be explored, tested and enjoyed just as much. 

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