Above: Orangery Garden House, plans elevations, sections  and 3D visualisations. 

Below, 3D development model of the project, be sure to try in VR, you can get up on the roof! (virtually) 

Garden Orangery House

Devon, England

The brief for this very enjoyable building was ancillary accommodation for visiting guests, and a structure that complemented a garden setting. Out clients were clear in a desire for "traditional" architecture.


Our response was to return to precedent from college years: the much beloved Arts and Crafts movement of he late 19th and early 20th centuries. This was perhaps the last time that principles and influences of previous periods were revived and developed in ways that were informed  and had a relevance to their time. Arts and Crafts buildings were not pastiche. They referenced a perhaps fantastic version of mediaevalism, with crossovers to gothicism, but their's was not a "neo" movement, in the sense of "neo-palladianism", for example. 

The orangery is another much beloved architectural trope, a very early version of passive solar design, combining extensive glazing with high thermal mass and a regularity of form and fenestration that lends itself readily to classicism. 

The result is a classicist orangery form, ordered by an Arts and Crafts upper storey and roof, articulated with appropriate brickwork and timber detailing. Kitchen and living areas are at ground floor level, bedroom and bathrooms on the first floor. A verandah at ground level gives a delightful areas for summer evening lounging. Overall, we designed a pleasing, comfortable, traditional building, perfect for a garden setting. 

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