Extension to Georgian House

This a house of Late-Georgian origin. As with many houses of this era, the rear elevation has been subject to numerous ad-hoc alterations over the last 170 years. The requirements for our clients’ family has rendered these rear ancillary spaces outdated and there is a requirement to re-order them for functional reasons. The garden to the rear is large and secluded, but suffers from a poor relationship to the living areas of the house.

The proposals are modest in scope: one extension, the largest, is to be replaced with a flat roof lower than the existing ridge, and the extension “shed” furthest from the building is to be re-roofed and altered.

Good architecture is designed honestly for today: contemporary living and construction types; internal space, well lit and connected effortlessly with external access improved by large clear openings to doors and flush thresholds. However, as in many projects, there is a clear requirement from the existing building itself, to recognize the original and finest aspects of the house and work with them.

Past mistakes have detracted from the simplicity and beauty of the original building. Therefore, the proposed new extension is orthogonal in its geometry, based on a white box, as the original designers did the house. Large overhangs to the flat roofs and substantial sections of white masonry reflect the original generous Georgian soffits and the mass of the villa.

Overall the proposed forms step down, away from the house, re-introducing a hierarchy of form and mass, which has been destroyed over the last century. To accentuate the ordering process, the slate roofs will be replaced with flat roofs, and the stepped elements of the small extensions they cover will be incorporated into a coherent collection of forms.

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