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Estuary House

This design is based on a simple form that relates directly to the landscape it stands in. It is influenced the work of Architects such as Shigeru Ban and Glenn Murcutt.

The design was developed from a sketch, from which a plan emerged with a great economy of scale, with no space wasted in circulation. It could be a holiday home by the sea or on a mountain top, or indeed a family home.

The site that it was designed for overlooks the Exe estuary, taking advantage of the sloping topography to frame views of this unique wildlife habitat. The house could be clad in natural materials that would mellow and blend in to the landscape, and the crispness and efficiency of the plan is timeless.

The bold form of house is conceived through a modular design, which would allow for the building fabric to be constructed off-site in a controlled environment, simplifying the on-site construction, reducing costs and carbon emissions in construction.




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