Above: Plans and visualisations of the sketch design for a contemporary modernist country house

Below, 3D and VR model of the house. Explore with Google cardboard or any 3D VR headset for maximum enjoyment.

Contemporary Modernist House- Sketch Design

Devon, England

This sketch design is a preliminary, exploratory design for a new house in a breathtaking setting in Devon, England. The site lies at the border of a forested area, with an uninterrupted view of open country to one side of the plot. A small dwelling occupies the site, which is "crying out" for development, pardon the cliche. 

There are some functional issues to be overcome, for example, trees that stand immediately outside the boundary of the site.


The soul of the design is an idea about a headland, standing on the edge: dark and looming forest to the west, open country sweeping away to the east, analogous to a boundary of land and sea.


The design is stacked over four storeys, with access and car parking on the ground floor, leading to a staircase to the north side of the building. This serves living areas from three storeys, not unlike the arrangement of the Hauer-King House by Future Systems, a great influence on our work. Roof terraces to the upper two storeys reduce the volume of enclosure, and emphasis the tower-like quality of the proposal.

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