Above: 3D visualisations of the workshop. 

Right, 3D interactive development model of the project, 

Community Workshop

Exeter, Devon, England

This building houses a greenhouse, a workshop and office spaces. It is designed with an expressive form, stepping down from the mass of the community centre it serves, to the churchyard it stands in.  Viewed from the street, it will be a glinting lantern, drawing people to the community centre.


Construction is simple, frugal and energetically sustainable: A "folded" skin of corrugated steel, over an insulated layer on a timber frame. It has a greenhouse at its southern end, which will warm the insulated ground slab, distributing heat through the building via its thermal mass. 

A courtyard is created between the two buildings. Shading is limited by placing the tallest part of the building to the north, and splaying the buildings to catch unrestricted afternoon sun. Large folding-door openings to the north, facing the community centre, merge indoor with outside, when open, making for an excellent public space for work, play, performance.

The building is required and designed to satisfy BREEAM "excellent" standards in its performance.

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