Historic & Listed Buildings

Refurbishment and Extension of a Listed Townhouse

This grade II listed building in St Leonard’s, Exeter was on the ‘buildings at risk’ register. It has been seriously neglected for decades, had large holes in the roof, and a basement that was so damp the staircase had rotted out.

Listed Town House, Exeter

The Rear Elevation of the townhouse, in a poor state of repair. The scars of a old two-storey extension may be seen to the left, including the tiled finish of an old bathroom.

We designed and administered a comprehensive refurbishment contract, working throughout to a very high standard using traditional building techniques where appropriate, including the replacing of lathe and plaster ceilings on the upper floors, and the reinstatement of ornate lime plaster mouldings in the house. The original windows were refurbished and draught proofed, and the roof was re-laid with the existing slate and new leadwork.

The basement was a transformed from a dank, dingy couple of rooms in to a bright new living floor for the house, open plan and linked directly to the garden via a half-glazed extension. A full tanking system stops damp, and an insulated underfloor heating system gives the space a delightful cosiness.

Throughout the house services were updated, with a complete rewiring for modern power and communication requirements. The existing but unused well was recommissioned connected to the building’s plumbing via a treatment system, to provide clean drinking water, free to the owners, forever.

Listed Town House, Exeter

French windows that were installed in place of a rotting window opening. What a difference!


Listed Town House, Exeter

A rotted out window in the basement, before refurbishment.

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