House in the Woods

A house in the woods. contemporary architecture in a rural wooded site.

This site, in the heart of East Devon, is exceptional, and deserving of a design that makes the very best it can from the beautiful landscape around it.  Set amongst mature deciduous woodland, with a view to the north of the Blackdown hills, the topography,  sun-path, and  great seclusion were both wonderful challenges and an opportunities not to be missed.

Try the VR model, it is simplified, lots missing inside, but it conveys the form wonderfully.


fig10I started by trying to understand the site thorough sketches, trying to capture essences of the site: feelings, instincts, intangibles; the poetic qualities of the place. My work at this stage is simply to understand what will occupy this space and place, working with it to, enable a day to day experience of it that is unique to that place.

IMG_4442This progressed to sketch models, which I use as freely and experimentally as possible, playing with, angles, planes, apertures, working to crystallise ideas from the sketchbook in to a physical forms.

Objectives emerged: movement through the site, glimpses from front to back, and anti-monolithic approach to the house. Plans were attempted, amended, and after a process of consultation with my (excellent) client, a design was reached.

Planning permission was achieved in spring 2017, and construction will start in the summer.

There is a lot to say about this building: its geometries, sustainability, materials, massing, and so on. But for now, I need to get on a build it.
041 birds eye 041 Bracken elevation

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