Eco-build Architects in Devon

Eco-Build architects in Devon are established and continue to do good, committed work.
Strong progressive elements in Devon society, prevalent in Totnes, Exeter (Both of which are “Transition Towns”, working to become more self-sustainable) and Ottery St Mary, have been crucial to the Eco-Build movement in the South West. Eco-Build Architects can be found working in these and other locations across the county.
Another driving force in the Devon Eco-build movement has been a re-discovery of indigenous building styles such as cob, which marries very well with more modern sustainable building techniques such as straw bale construction. Eco-build architects in Devon should have a good comprehensive knowledge of these types of building, their capabilities and appropriateness.
Eco-build architects in Devon may also have an interest in historic techniques, by which we mean those employed on the more prestigious buildings of the past. Because these were developed before the Industrial revolution, they tend to be inherently low-energy. Local historic building materials and methods, such as using Granite masonry, or decorative lime plasters, sit very comfortably with an eco-build approach, and may well be part of the Eco-build Architects in Devon palette.