Devon Architects

Ivan Jordan, as an RIBA councillor, represents Devon architects at a national level, and has many years practising architecture in Devon as well as other areas in the south-west of England.

Architects in Devon will be used to working in the most beautiful of English counties: fantastic coastlines, lush green countryside, pleasant cities. Devon has a strong architectural heritage, expressed in buildings such as the “Devon Longhouse” , a type of rural house that could be 500+ years old, having been extended lengthways through the centuries when the occupants prospered.

Ivan Jordan has experience dealing with all of the local traditional building materials and the styles attached to them – stone, cob, slate, thatch, all common to the Devon vernacular. However, Ivan Jordan’s architecture is not tied to the locale, but is concerned with each client and site, and treats each projects as unique and of its time, avoiding pastiche and trying always to create strong contemporary expressions of how we live, today.

Based in Devon, with the broadest of horizons.