Architecture: It’s all coming together nice and BIG


Pictures  can’t convey the beautiful brutishness of the steel and concrete. Or that a ceiling at 3+m high really is big in this domestic scale, and that the opening for the bifold doors, at over 4m wide and 3m high, with steels ready to receive timber bris-soleil above, is mighty. At this point in a construction project spaces always look and feel huge, and that doesn’t translate in photography effectively.

The architecture that existed for so long in the imagination, in models and sketches suddenly starts emerging.

The first floor has not started yet, no sign of a roof of course, but  it won’t be long before Otto needs to return for a topping out!


I think this must be a reason why I can’t envisage a career as an academic architect, just yet. I am fascinated and in awe of real construction, bespoke, architecture that no-one has ever seen before. It rules. That’s probably a bit of a male trait, but what the heck. I gotta get my kicks somehow, right?