Architects in the South West

The South West has some fine buildings, and architects in the south west have done some great work.
Ned Lutyens, although not based in the south west, completed one his most significant works here: Castle Drogo.
Castle Drogo is not a castle and the client was not a Drogo. Nonetheless, it presents a vision of an ideal fortress. Like most of Lutyens’s work, it is a tour de force in style and impression, aesthetically punching the visitor with a stone fist. The hand of Lutyens is unmistakeable in the great, muscular form and detailing, and its aspect, overhanging a Dartmoor Gorge, is peerless.

Lutyens window details from Castle Drogo, Devon, South West England

Window Detail at Castle Drogo

Architects in the south west have created many notable buildings in the styles of many eras. For example, in the twentieth century modernism took a foothold in Cornwall, perhaps more so than any other provincial part of England, in tandem with the St Ives artistic community, Barbara Hepworth et al. This is now echoed in several international style homes along our beautiful coastline,

Ivan Jordan, architect, takes pride in being amongst the architects in the south west that have a sense of history and location that enriches design, and acts on this by representing architects in the south west at national RIBA council.