Architects in Exeter

There are several Architects in Exeter, and Ivan Jordan is prominent amongst them, as an elected councillor for the RIBA South West region.

Exeter: the capital city of the region, nestled at the start of the Exe estuary, with a settlement history that pre-dates Roman Times. The architecture that defines the city encompasses several ages: Roman walls still encircle the city centre; mediaeval and tudor buildings, including the Guild Hall, the oldest working municipal building in the country, still line the main streets. Twentieth century modernism can still be discerned in the former Debenhams building, recently re-faced, and many other less obvious sites across the city.

The work done by architects in Exeter has helped to create a city with great diversity in its built form. Certain districts, such as St Leonards, have distinctive styles. Successful design  recognizes the prevailing architectural language of the districts, informed by years of experience of living and working in the city, and, rather than simply mimicking, presents a contemporary version, designed and built for the way people live and work today.

In evaluating the work of architects in Exeter, it is helpful to ask the questions: does this architect care about the meaning of their work in Exeter and beyond? Are they prepared to make links with great work elsewhere, or simply settle for a pastiche of the neighborhood? There are several architects in Exeter, you can take your pick, and choose wisely.