A Modern Columbarium

This structure was designed by us in early 2016. The immense scale of the project requires something literally awesome. It borrows from neolithic tombs, such as Newgrange in Ireland, and includes sophisticated solar alignment to create dramatic lightfall within the structure, throughout the year. LBC 02_04_2016 largeUsing a mixture of ancient and new technology in all aspects of construction, and extremely robust materials and detailing, this building should stand for a thousand years… (hmm, sounds worrying familiar). The curving, reciprocal form, allows for a multifaceted organisation to the elevations. (or multi-elevated organisation to the facets, depending on one’s pretensions), and clearly focuses the landscape.LBC aerial view with lake Either way, pretensions aside, it uses rhythm and proportion to express the necessary scale, and appropriate form in the landscape. Inside,  rhythmical detailing echoes the colonnade, creating places flooded with shafts of light. So when visiting, in remembrance, one enters a considered space that speaks of,  permanence and, we hope, timelessness.
columbarium-interior-2-768x307columbarium-interior-768x307 LBC-watercolour-1500x600